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K-Drama Review : Age Of Youth

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I use to brag that i will write about fashion and bla bla in my first entry. But i find out that im not that kind of person that love to take a photo (ootd,etc..) when i'm dolling up on something (shame on me). but still, kalau mood nak tulis pasal fashion tu datang, i will write about it.

So, hari ni i nak buat review about korean drama!!!
(yang anti kpop sila ke tepi)

Yes! im so into it since i was 11 years old( which means its been 11 years now) ada la ter-stop sekejap masa kat U dulu, sebab rasa macam dah bosan dengan kpop, tapi ter-start balik plak! 

K-DRAMA REVIEW : Age of Youth (Hangul: Cheongchunsidae)

Sinopsis : 

It's a story about 5 girls, who stay together in a house name Belle epoque. They share a bittersweet of life together and hold a lot of secret in them. Yoon Jin Myung (Han Ye Ri), a 28 year old student that support her life financially by working as a part timer . She may seem cool but she's actually hold a lot of problem mentally. Her brother who has been in coma for years and her mother need a money to support the hospital bill. Yoo Eun Jae (Park Hae Soo) , a girl with an innocent personality who will start her freshman year as a psycology student. Eun jae keep a secret about her father that even her mother don't even know. That fear that she had keep coming as a nightmare.  Jung Ye Eun (Han Seung Yeon) , a cheerful dan bright person. she is devoted to her boyfriend which their relationship turns out to be a 'dating violence'.  Kang Yi Na (ryu Hwa Young) , which born to be a pretty lady, with a sexy body and make a man's jaw down. However, she lying about being a student . she had a sugar daddy to live an easy life.  But she start to change when she's realize that, there a long way to go for her. Last but not least is Song Ji Wong( Park Eun Bin), a pretty face and easy go girl but has no luck with man. She kind of girl that love to talk about a perverted things,but it just a joke. beside a luck problem with man, she live an easy life without any problem.

**Well my favourite scene from all the episode is when Eun Jae was going back from throwing a trash and someone suddenly touch her shoulder. as she scream out of fear she accidently punch that guy eye's. suprisingly, it's turn out to be her boyfriend. all the unnie's heard the screaming and comes out like a UFC fighter and beat that guys without questioning. Haha. i laugh so hard for that. 

from left: Yoon Jin Myung (Han Ye Ri), Jung Ye Eun (Han Seung Yeon),Song Ji Wong( Park Eun Bin),Kang Yi Na (ryu Hwa Young) ,Yoo Eun Jae (Park Hae Soo).

This is the scene that i talk about. it's on episode 8.

What i love about this drama is, it's not kind of korean drama that keep telling us about a sweet love things, another modern cinderella story, and a battle between a chaebol( rich people) that ruin people life or an arrange marriage. it has a light storyline to tell us what happen in our community, how hard life can be, and we don't know how we will end up like. And does't mean, a bad persona will remain bad. They could change, and even more better than us. It's a normal story about a normal life. 

While you watch this drama, you will realize that some character is related to yours. same goes to me, which i react "ouh its sound like me".  This story teach us a good moral story, a little of love storyline, a strong bond of a friendship, and a taste of life.

MY RATE: 8.5/10

Sorry, I could't find any official trailer. but here some teaser.

Okay, done!

What is your favourite k-drama at the moment ? :) 


Unknown said...

my fave at the moment is Love in the Moonlight ><

amanieun said...

really?! me too . ^0^

Unknown said...

cannot move on from uncontrollably fond. ^,^. Saya mesti akan tgok this drama hahaha.

amanieun said...

uncontrollably fond T.T sad ending thou..hiks