Saturday, 5 December 2015

First Entry

Hello peeps !

 Hey people,

its my first entry and let me introduce myself.
i was a simple minded village girl that have a little bit of fashion sense.
i'm not claiming myself as a fashionista nor a fashion trendsetter.
Just gonna give my own opinion according my sense.
Bout' me,

i'm  21 years old in 2015.  Getting old but i dont know what i'm doing in my 21 years of living.
Don't have a sense of humor but still trying to.
I love cat. But loving do hurts. Cat only ignore me as they passed. its hurt.
Major in Art and Fashion design but i HATE sewing! 

Relationship life,

Don't ask. 


Here i am. To share happiness, madness, sadness or craziness and even a weirdness. A little tips for style and fashion things.
update what is trending. And maybe make's some review ?.
Why not. Welcoming any correction if i'm wrong.


Unknown said...

FIrst entry ? SUGOII ( means awesome in japanese ) Well then I'm glad to be your first comment!! ahaks . Omedetou ! ( means Congratulations ) at least this one has potential to buld a new follower . Usually what I saw Fashion blogger their quite good with blogger community , event n etc . By the way , It's almost at end of the year . I hope that you success everything "you want" to achieve . :D .-

Diya Hanun said...

Gud lucccckkk!!! kita sebaya la awakk..haha

Mormor said...

hai awak. kitaa sebayaa. btw, welcome to blogging life. hehee :D

Fairuz Aqilah said...

Hello, there! Nice blog right here, very simple but I love it! Let's be friends!!! :D said...

goodluck.. :) nak jugak komen kat 1st entry.. lol XD

amanieun said...

arigatou gozaimasu. i'll try my best in my writing. :D

amanieun said...

hye awak ! thank you,,i'll try my best :)

amanieun said...

hye :) ok thank you. i'll try my best :)

amanieun said...

hello back!! :) i'll check your blog. you have a great header too. let ' s be friend :)

amanieun said...

thank you ros :) i'll try my best :)

Anonymous said...

welcome to the world of blogging ! :D

A N I S said...

haii! saya anis :D umur 19 tahun ni

amanieun said...

hi anis. nice to know you :)