Sunday, 2 October 2016


K-DRAMA REVIEW : DOCTORS (Hangul: Dakteoseu)

Yoo Hye-jung (Park Shin Hye) was a troublesome girl in high school with a prickly, gangster personality. Due to her many childhood scars, Hye-jung keeps her heart closed towards other people. However, she changes after meeting her homerun teacher Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae Won).Hong Ji-hong is a hard working man who lost his parents at a young age in a car accident. He was adopted later on in his life, graduated from a prestigious medical school and started out as a doctor. However, a medical accident while he was working as a surgeon made him step back and he restarts his career as a biology teacher. after Hye-jung meet Hong ji hong, she began to change her perspective about study. Unfortunately , they being separate after Hye jung grandmother died. Hye jung believe that her grandmother death are  cause by negligence from the doctors where she decide to take a revenge and make that unresponsible doctor to apologized . Later, after 13 year of separating, they meet again. Hye-jung finally becoming a neurosurgeon. Hong Ji hong who known as prof.Hong start to work at the same hospital as hye jung . They start to develop feelings one more time.

Hye jung working in Gookil Hospital, where the director was actually her frenemeis (Jin seo woo) father and also a doctor that responsible for her grandmother death. 

**well i just love how yoo hye-jung and hong ji hong express their love. they are so sweet and cute together. cannot resist T.T
my favorite scene for this drama is all the dating scene while they were working in the hospital.  when they tried to get a lunch together in secret, but end up having lunch with Hong ji hong best friend which Ji hong officially introduce Hye jung as his girlfriend. aww..~

from left: Kim Rae Won (Hong Ji hong), Park Shin Hye (Yoo Hye Jung), Yoon Kyun Sang (Jung Yoon Doo) , Lee Sung Kyung ( Jin Seo Woo).

high kick for the first time meeting.

they meet again after 13 years

hye jung frenemeis Jin seo woo.

jung yoon doo (PS: he's seriously look like a husky). second lead who also fall for hye jung.

 the scene where they operate a patient while the patient was awake. Every surgery scene in this drama was tutoring by a real surgeon. 

And there you go. my favourite part. kyaaaaaahh!  Hong Hong Hong is so cool!

so my rated for this drama is 9.5 /10. I love the chemistry of this couple which contain of a such professional and matured relationship. How hye jung turn from a troublesome girl to a Brilliant Neurosurgeon, and a cool hong ji hong that always by hye jung sides. 
* if a man like Ji hong was exist, i'll fnd him.however it takes. LOL

here's some trailer

It's my rate. How bout yours?!